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    My name is David, but you can call me The Cake Scraps.

    This blog is about whatever I want it to be, but will try to focus on the things that are currently consuming some cycles in my brain. Previously this was focused on web analytics but it has continued to broaden in scope. I’m currently a 1st year getting my MBA at Johnson at Cornell. In my 2 years prior to b-school I was with Catalyst, a direct and digital agency, where I built out their digital analytics offering.   Going back another bit, I joined Catalyst after 3 years with Lands’ End, where I was working with Adobe SiteCatalyst as well as leading site testing and optimization.  Combined, I have over 5 years of experience in web analytics and marketing .  That, along with the thought I put in each post, should make this blog interesting for readers across many areas and levels of expertise.

    I will link to other posts when I can fit it in; I will write about things that I think are interesting and give my opinions on those topics. Some of the things I write about may end up being wrong or misguided, but that is where learning can take you. I don’t mean for this to answer all questions, but rather a place for thoughts I am having as I learn.  I will also write about various topics of interest, b-school, business ideas, Excel tips, and other thoughts that I have.

    What’s The Cake Scraps?

    Some of you may wonder about how the name The Cake Scraps came about.  I have a friend and his mom makes professional cakes.  I have only had opportunity to actually eat two of the cakes she has made, but often times when my group of friends would hang out we would dine on cake scraps from her work.  It was awesome.

    I thought it was a great name for this blog because often times the best information is not in the main information but the scraps that people pass up.  The big cake is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but you would be surprised at the amount of scraps a single cake produces.  How much great cake is just over looked?  If you are not looking for these scraps in your work every day you too may pass on information that could have a significant impact.  Information is information and cake is cake, no matter the size.

    Enjoy it.

    Have some thoughts to share?

    TheCakeScraps@gmail.com or Twitter @TheCakeScraps