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    One Real Fake Guitar, To Go Please

    October 24th, 2008

    Logitech and Guitar Hero have teamed up to create a $249.99 USD guitar.  Well, actually it is a controller for the PS3 but looks, feels, and sounds like a real guitar.  Except the sounds part.  But it doesn’t click as much as the standard controllers.  That means it is quieter.  Which is basically the same thing as sounding like a real guitar.

    For the record, Musician’s Friend has a nice Acoustic/Electric guitar for just $50 more – and some for even less.

    So what does this new fangled controller get you?  Well I would suggest you try out the official site but I won’t – hence no link – because it has surprisingly little detail given they are trying to sell a controller that costs more than a XBox 360.  Don’t worry though, Daily Tech has it covered:

    Under the fret buttons, Logitech uses the rubber dome technology that makes its line of keyboards so popular and responsive. The rubber dome technology makes the fret buttons quieter, which is a good thing for anyone who has had to cut a night of jamming short because someone was sleeping in the next room and the buttons were too loud.

    In addition to the normal fret buttons, the Logitech controller also features a Touch-Sensitive Neck Slider that allows player to hit notes and score points without needing to strum. No wires will tie players down, the controller uses 2.4GHz technology promising a 30-foot range. The guitar itself is powered by a pair of AA batteries.

    I am not sure how this thing will sell, but given the popularity of the game it is clear that both Logitech and the Guitar Hero franchise know what they are worth and are not afraid to make a really expensive controller to capitalize one it.  I like that (you still won’t see me buying one).

    I guess if you are really into this game this would be a pretty sweet addition to your stage presence.  Just hope you get it as a gift.  I admit, if you don’t look like a tool you would certainly look pretty sweet playing the thing, but only if you are good.  If you are going to own this you have an obligation to the franchise to be really good.  They don’t want a bunch of YouTube videos of people showing of the guitar along with how bad they suck at Guitar Hero.

    What say you?  Is this worth it?  Should people just buy a real guitar instead and learn to play that?

    This has been a Thought From The Cake Scraps.