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    Make Bold Predictions

    January 13th, 2009

    You don’t have to look very far or for very long to find a slew of people doing predictions for 2009.  If you look around, many of those same people made predictions for 2008.  And just before they posted their new 2009 predictions they reviewed the 2008 predictions.

    The interesting thing to look for here is what story are they trying to tell.  How many predictions did they get right?  Or, more imporantly, how many did they get wrong?  It is not about laughing at the wrong answers but rather evaluating why they got them wrong. 

    If they are right on all accounts then where is the vision?  Where is the reach in the predictions?  This is not to say that a person needs to make outlandish predictions, but a key element is stretch.  And if you have sufficient stretch in your goals then you will get some wrong and that is a good thing.

    With all of that said here are my predictions that I am coming up with as I write this.  I have no idea what is going to come next.

    1. There is going to be a massive, and unexpected, rise in coffee consumption which will be the indication that the economy is on the uptick.
    2. A 62″ TV will be priced under $1,000 and a Blu-ray player under $100.
    3. Microsoft will be sucessful in rebranding itself while Apple will stagnate.
    4. Some new type of TV show will compete with reality TV and crime shows.  This will not be on a major network.
    5. Clothing companies will start putting buttons on boxers – or put them on again since they took them off.
    6. Netbooks become not only a status symbol – but significanly impact laptop sales.
    7. I will win.  Not sure at what, but some large victory will be mine.

    So there you have it, 7 baseless precitions for 2009.  Have a great year all.

    This has been a Thought From The Cake Scraps