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    Lands End Canvas

    Branding.  It is a very interesting thing; it is what the people associate with a product.  This seems simple enough, but all in all, it is a very odd concept.  The legal system allows for one to sue for defamation, so one would assume that this means that somebody must own the reputation.  But can you really own a reputation?

    I mean, reputation is just a collection of other people’s thoughts about you.  Can you really own that?  Then you are asserting you own other people’s opinion.  It is all very odd.  But it is all very important.

    That is why today is a very special day for Lands End, my employer.  Today was the official launch day of the new brand called Lands End Canvas.  It has some very interesting clothing coming from Lands End.  I think that this is a great step for Lands’ End.  It speaks to our vision for the future and a new avenue to reach our customers.

    I wish LE Canvas the best of luck.  Obviously I will not be able to give any updates on it here, but keep your ears and eyes open and you just may come across it.  I have already got my order and will be sure to share my thoughts on it with you.  But no matter how it turns out, it is an exciting next step for LE.

    What do you think of the LE Canvas site?  And check out the My Canvas section when it’s live!

    3 responses to “Lands End Canvas”

    1. I could see myself wearing some of that. Admittedly I don’t know too much about the clothesline provided by Lands End (I’m sorry, I’m a bad friend), but my question for you is will this Canvas line be in any stores? I normally don’t mind buying something almost sight unseen but I really don’t want to look any more like a douchbag than I already do so it would be nice to try it on first.

    2. Rosemarie says:

      Well, the people wearing the clothes all seem pretty happy 🙂 I like how, when you move your mouse over the pictures, they all move, add an accessory, or show a close-up of the clothes…and each one is different. That’s really cool.

    3. David says:

      @Ryan Sadly, Canvas will not yet be rolled out to many stores. If you are in Madison, starting November 30 the State Street Lands’ End Shop will re-open as a Lands’ End Canvas Shop. If the line takes off, who knows where else it may show up!

      @Rosemarie You noticed that they are all on-figure shots! Nice! Hope you liked it.

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