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    A Little Politics With Peter Schiff

    As I have said previously, I don’t want to get into politics much on this blog because often times it can be just a downward spiral.  That said, I just think these two videos are too perfect.  Thanks to Church of the Customer Blog for the first one.

    I voted Libertarian in the most recent election and Bob Barr picked Peter Schiff as his economic adviser.  If you have the time – and if you don’t, make it – watch some of the interviews below with Peter.  I have not done proper research to say if I agree on all fronts with Peter Schiff, but I think it says a lot that the Libertarian candidate had this guy as his economic adviser.  You have 4 years to research; perhaps it is time to break the two party system.

    (Link to YouTube here)

    Below is an expanded view of one of the interviews.

    (Link to YouTube here)

    In the second video, at the end, they take what Peter is saying completely wrong.  It is quite clear he is trying to say that when there is a family people would rather spend time with the family then at work, male or female, but specifically females that are in late pregnancy.  If that is wrong then I think we have a bigger problem.

    This has been a Thought From The Cake Scraps.

    One response to “A Little Politics With Peter Schiff”

    1. Ryan says:

      It really is amazing how people can say that no one saw this economic problem coming, but the thing is people did see it and no one wanted to believe it. I love going back and watching the reactions from the other people in the discussion how Peter Schiff is a total crackpot, but it’s awesome how right he was and much the other people look like retards (especially Ben Stein).

      Thanks for the post David! I needed a good laugh in these aweful times.

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